@mxtthxw I think RPi has a great potential for DIY sound related stuff, and it's nice to see that "big guys" also use it

@oleksiy I got my first board last week. I already have a purpose for it but now I see this type of development maybe its a rabbit hole I should fall down further.


@mxtthxw It's definitely a rabbit hole. I have a few boards laying around just in case I get inspired to experiment or build something (this rarely happens) and 1 permanently built into DIY version of Zynthian (zynthian.org/)

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@oleksiy oh wow, never seen that before, I'd better earn myself some money and get one!

@mxtthxw I didn't use the official kit, but built it from spare parts I had at that moment (that's why I like having a few spare boards, just in case). Turned out much cheaper than official kit (I guess it was something like $60-70 with RPi3), but it doesn't look as nice and is still shoved into plastic food container instead of proper enclosure :)
The community on their forum is super helpful and friendly, and helped me a lot while I was building it

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