Yesterday I finished making the prototype of my first video game. I'm not sure it'll ever become something more than just a prototype, but it was a fun experience, and I'll definitely make more games in the future.
I plan to upload it to twitch tonight

I haven't been able to test windows version yet, so please let me know if there are some problems with it

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as a responsible developer I've released a first day patch 😅
- fixed jump bug
- fixed low dpi window bar on retina macs
- removed 37 from crates (cc @estebanm)

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The only thing left is to fix a few bugs on and I'm done with this prototype

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@estebanm it's something like a pixel platformer with stealth. I've created only one small level for now. I guess it's enough to check if it's interesting to anybody :)

@oleksiy Heh, that sounds really intriguing! I rarely play video games on my computer (only PlayStation), but I'd like to give that a try!

@estebanm yeah, I also play mostly on PS, it's a shame that you can't simply make a homebrew game for it.
I plan to make my game available for GameShell. It's not most popular platform, but I have it, and it's not hard to make an export, so it'll be playable not only on PC :)
I'm also thinking about building it for Android, but I don't have a device to test it at the moment

@oleksiy Yeah, I hate that I cannot play my own game on the console 😩 If you didn't need the devkit and all that, I'm sure Godot would support exporting to it out of the box so it would be trivial 😕

GameShell looks sweet!

@estebanm in theory it should also run on Raspberry Pi. I wonder why Pi didn't catch up as a platform in indie dev, and is mostly used only for emulators (not that GameShell is much different, but it has a small community that sometimes release some stuff for it)

@oleksiy awesome. glad you made your first thing

what are you using, framework or engine?

@lewlepton I used Godot this time. I've tried doing some small games in PICO-8 before, but never really finished anything

@lewlepton yeah, it was pretty straghtforward, I really liked the flow of it. At least for 2d platformer-like game. I plan to try making something 3d (or even VR) later, I've heard that godot is not the best choice for it, but I'm still willing to give it a try, lol

@oleksiy aye, im not sure about VR in godot, that new to me. but i do wish you well on your discoveries 👍

@oleksiy Cool! At first I thought that "stealth" meant that you had to hide, as in they couldn't be looking in your direction, or look in your direction while being close. But it seems that it just means they cannot touch you?

Also, half the times the jump button doesn't do anything (at least while moving). I haven't seen the pattern yet, but it seems that if I stop and restart movement it makes it always work?

@oleksiy I was also confused by the "37", I thought it was a number of points to collect. But it seems it's just part of the design of that asset?

Finally, at first I didn't realise that the buildings were climbable. I think the colours made me think that they were just background.

Also, I know it's not a priority or anything, but in case you haven't seen it, you can replace the Godot logo (when the game boots up) with your own image 😄 It's in project settings somewhere I think.

@estebanm thanks for all the feedback!
I've been thinking about making some units that will see you, but that's probably for the future versions. And yeah, 37 is just a placeholder name :)
Also fair point about the roofs, if I'll decide to develop this game further, I'll invest some time in creating original art instead of free assets, where I'll address it. And thanks for pointing out godot logo, I thought I disabled it, but seems like I lost that save :)

@oleksiy Oh, wait, the "37" I mentioned, I meant the one on the containers! I thought I had to touch it and it would do something, or jump on it until it reached 0, or something.

It stands out too much I think, so it doesn't look like part of the asset, but something printed by the game engine on top, like a score or hitpoints or whatever.

@estebanm oh, ok. yes, it's a part of asset, I guess I'll need to edit it out

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