Is there a way to use libpd in ? have anybody tried doing something like this?

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@oleksiy @PureData @godot ha ! that's the question of the moment, we'll probably discuss it a bit this afternoon in the meeting, for now I'm using OSC to share data between godot and pd, but it "could" be integrated ...

@Olm_e @PureData @godot wow, cool, I'll keep an eye on this repo.
And using osc in this kind of situation is also a nice solution. I'll have to try it, thanks

so you have a little return : during the live talk : we discussed about it a bit, I explained the interest of pd intergration, and there is an interest in what could arize from a possible GDNative system ... if possible ... (or a C++ Module, ... )
thing is there is no separate maintainer (Reduz do it) for the audio engine in Godot now, so there won't be many support available from there.
could pd folks helps somehow ? :D
@PureData @godot

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