oh, cool, new black midi album is out

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@oleksiy I was gonna buy the CD. but its shipping from the US... for a UK band??

which means the shipping is silly expensive

@oleksiy it's silly. because I could buy it from another store. which would be cheaper. but I dont get the digital version

ill more than likely end ups buying the CD & limit myself for the month for other CDs

@lewlepton I'm not sure I even have something to play the CDs anymore. I buy mostly digital or vinyl these days. Mostly digital...

@oleksiy very true

im about to get myself an external CD/DVD writer, just so I can make copies of my CD that I can keep in the car without worry the originals will get buggered

@oleksiy like my previous collection of music I sadly dont have. my new collection is tapes, CDs & vinyl. it pales in comparrison to what I had before

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