Installed Pop OS. Let's see how soon I'll start complaining and will want to switch distro

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seems like installing pop os on a separate drive somehow messed up elementary os 🤦‍♂️
but hackintosh mac os works fine...

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ah, ok, just forgot to remove newly formatted disk from fstab

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I was about to start complaining about Pop OS, but I've figured everything out.
Note to self: Don't trust ExFat on Linux. If something is not working and you have ExFat volume, there is a big chance that it is causing the problem.

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@oleksiy ”you have an ExFAT volume" you mean just for data and the OS is not there at all??

@estebanm yep, I have Mac OS on the same computer, and ExFat is a way to have a common volume for both OSes.
Last problem with this volume was related to arduino ide. I dowloaded tar to this volume, extracted it, and copied the contents to my home folder. I was getting weird compilation errors. Seems like exfat messed up file permissions and ownership. Copying the archive to home folder and extracting it there helped, but it was really hard to track down

@estebanm I also had my music folder on it, and lollypop player was always lousing access to it, and each time I ran it, I had to point it to my music collection. Moving music folder to ext4 folder helped, but it also took me some time until I realized what was the problem

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