Ok, linux musicians crowd, I need an advice. Is there some tool to monitor MIDI messages? On Mac OS there's a MIDI Monitor app, I wonder if there's something similar on linux?

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@oleksiy This might be an overkill, but sometimes I do that in SuperCollider - using MIDIFunc.trace:

@ma_ho thanks, looks promising. gonna check it tomorrow

@lewlepton oh wow, it looks just like something I need, thanks

@oleksiy aye its great. aye, also fogot it is for all platforms

one of the most useful tools i have

@lewlepton checked it, thanks, it's just what I needed. also works on linux without any problems

@lewlepton oh, I didn't realize that it's from the guys who made TouchOSC. Cool

@oleksiy I didnt realise they made the next version of touchOSC

I remember I was in talks with them & even said about making a new version with them. but it never happened. but I am glad they have gone on to do it, because I sure as shit have not made my version, lol

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