I guess this might count as my first entry. Not sure there will be more, but we'll see.

I'm slowly getting familiar with Bespoke, and I really enjoy it (beside the fact that it's not really stable). Now I need to understand how to use controllers and break out of the loops to make something track-like.

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Today is the second (at least on my calendar)

Once again messing with Bespoke, but today in more way. Also featuring granulated and chopped xylophone sample from @touk 's looptober

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number 3

Bespoke once again. Simple polyrhithmic techno with 2 against 3 against 5 rhythm. Also tried not to use samples and this time synthesised every sound with stock modules

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half-assed number 4

Percussive sound from looptober 2, and new kick/drone/synth thingy. I'll try to develop 2 and 4 into full track

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number whatever.

Once again weird rhythms, but now with arpeggio and some kind of melody

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In today's I decided to make some pretty generic in Bespoke and see how I can use it with launchpad

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bass textures and some arpeggios. it turned out a little quiet, and I was to lazy to add some gain, so adjust the volume if you don't hear the details

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Here's the where I try to play keyboard (I'm not good at it at all) on electric organ. Recorded into loop pedal with a lot of overdubs. Sounds really sloppy, but it's a start

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@oleksiy I'm also having lots of fun with Bespoke!

I'm also looking for ways to turn loops into songs. I wonder if there's a way to activate/deactivate modules based on other modules?

@narF yeah, I'm also wondering about this. I guess you can do something like this with pulse signals, but I still didn't figure out how they work

@oleksiy I wonder if there's like a sequencer that could send those on-off signal.

@narF I think I think I've found something. there are selector and groupcontrol objects that let you turn on and off any module. the only thing is it seems like they require manual input, but that's a start

@narF oh, I think eventcanvas is the answer. seemes like some people are doing full tracks using it

@oleksiy looptober sampling looptober 🤜 🤛

@oleksiy this is neat! I don't know the genre but I found it pleasant to listen to.

- a Packbat 🎒

@packbat thanks! It's a nice genre, but after some time all tracks start to sound the same, lol. I approached it more as an exercise to try out how I can make arrangements on the go

video game violence 

@oleksiy This reminds me of blasting psytrance whil I blasted heads off in UrbanTerror. I should really check if the multiplayer scene in that game is still active....

video game violence 

@psf I thought that it has some trancy vibe, just didn't think that it's good for blasting heads off, lol

@oleksiy I have no idea what to call this, and I think that's pretty cool.

@psf thanks! I actually continued to noodle around with it after I uploaded this version, so I have a little less minimalistic version now. I plan to make it into a little more structured and polished track later

@psf as for what to call this, I have no idea if anybody uses this term for something similar, but I like to think about it as post-techno

@oleksiy oooh I was just mixing the ambient drone one with this. went really nice

lovely work 🖤

@lewlepton I think it works really good for various weird rhythmic stuff. Just need to figure out how to structure stuff in convenient way, but I'm definitely hooked

@oleksiy bespoke looks really nice. I gave it a look the other day & am whole heartedly impressed

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