I'm giving pixelfed another try, and it still feels weird.

I don't understand how federation works there. I can find accounts from different instances and even separate posts from mastodon, but new posts don't appear in my feed if I follow them, is this normal?

Also was trying to find some interesting accounts using public feed, but it seems to be really slow, and not a lot of stuff caught my eye.

btw, my account is @sitka, I plan to post music and gear related pics and videos there

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@oleksiy I'm interested in your experience. Been idly keeping an eye on PF for a while but never joined. Hopefully it's getting better and better?

@touk I think it has some potential, but it lacks a critical mass of users and content to get it going. The federation with mastodon is weird, and I'm not sure if it's by design and I don't get it, or is it's just WIP. For example I see only 4 posts from your account and they are more than 5 month old.
Last time I tried to use it more than a year ago and federation didn't work at all, so they are getting better

@touk they've also added some features like stories, but I don't think they'll be useful unless I discover some active community there, and I have no idea how to find it, as there are basically no discovery tools beyond public timeline

@oleksiy That sounds like the usual federation dilemma of servers don't retroactively load users old posts. So if nobody at pixelfed follows me, my posts never went to their server, except the handful you see that were probably boosted in by others.

@touk yeah, but this is happening to the accounts I already follow. I followed my bot @ffffound a few days ago, and none of it's posts arrived to my feed since then, so I guess that's slightly different

@oleksiy @sitka Seems to be all fine for me.
They should make a discovery feature (participation optional) where you can browse random content. Maybe that would help..

@richard @sitka that would be nice. anyway, I'll see how it's going. It's already much better than when I first tried it

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