Once again I'm at a point in time when I want to buy some music gear. How do I convince myself that I don't need another monosynth?

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@oleksiy hmm, try looking at poly synths?

It's compressors that get me, always the compressors

@mxtthxw Yeah, polyphonic might do. I'm also really close to getting into modular, but I'm still a little afraid that it might become a more serious addiction

@oleksiy They don't call it EuroCrack for nothing!

Not disappeared down that rabbit hole yet. I nabbed some offer on Plugin Alliance for a software modular but still not had a proper play. Too many toys, not enough time!

@mxtthxw Talking about virtual modular, I've been playing with VCV Rack, but it didn't really click with me. Although if I'll decide making my own setup I'll prototype some combinations in it just to check which modules I'll need

@oleksiy @mxtthxw I had similar trouble with it. Really want to make some sensible and interesting noises with it. Might take another look with it. Especially if I can OSC it with something visua as well.

@SkinnyFeels @mxtthxw I've been playing a lot with Bespoke lately, and I like it much more, as it doesn't try to emulate the real thing on the UI level, but takes advantages of being purely virtual. And it does have OSC out module, but I haven't played with it yet

@oleksiy @mxtthxw have you got a link? I can add it to my list of things to explore.

@oleksiy @mxtthxw that looks amazing. Thanks! Totally wanna play with that at the weekend.

@oleksiy when I’m at that point, I listen to “society” by Eddie Vedder and everything becomes clearer :)

@vorinc it's a nice song, but in my opinion it lacks some synths 😆 just kidding, I try to do my best not turn it into a mindless act of consumerism

@oleksiy ahahahah
I can tell you what worked for me. Buying and selling synths it’s okay when you want to learn different kind of synthesis and experiment with different workflows, but at certain point I went with my dream instruments (a sampler and a polysynth). Now, when I see a new instrument that I like, I ask myself if it’s better than the one I own and if I really need it. Luckily the answer is still NO. Oh and I started practicing yoga

@vorinc actually I have similar approach, minus the yoga thing. maybe it's the missing piece for me

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