Something weird is going on with my firefox.

Recently on my mac soundclud started arguing when I tried to log in saying that I'm a bot, then today on another (linux) computer synced via firefox account, reddit started showing white page with word "Blocked". Before that I got banned on instagram while I was using it from web UI.

My reddit and soundcloud accounts work fine in other browsers on these computers, but not in firefox.

Anybody got a clue what might be wrong here?


I've tried clearing cookies and disabling all extensions, but it didn't help

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blocked browsers 

soundcloud is weird. I've tried clearing local storage, changing browser's user agent, using vpn and it always says "our robots think you are a robot". I wonder where they keep this flag so they always find but it only in firefox on my mac.

as for reddit, it seems like the issue was on their side

as for instagram.. screw them

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@oleksiy I and @finn also got the reddit Blocked today, I think it's on their end, accidentally blocking Firefox user agent or something? Anti-DDoS mishap?

Soundcloud and Instagram, no idea

@touk @oleksiy reddit seems to be back up now, possibly a problem at their end. also no idea about instagram or soundcloud, maybe a cdn thing?

@finn @touk oh, yeah, reddit is back, thanks for the heads up. with SC I'll investigate deeper, and with instagram.. screw them

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