was noodling with bespoke again, and accidentally created "lo-fi generative idm to study to"

Here's the where I try to play keyboard (I'm not good at it at all) on electric organ. Recorded into loop pedal with a lot of overdubs. Sounds really sloppy, but it's a start

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bass textures and some arpeggios. it turned out a little quiet, and I was to lazy to add some gain, so adjust the volume if you don't hear the details

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In today's I decided to make some pretty generic in Bespoke and see how I can use it with launchpad

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number whatever.

Once again weird rhythms, but now with arpeggio and some kind of melody

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I've been using Lollypop player for about 2 years, and I love it. But I still wonder why and how it changes star ratings on the albums. I mean, why would I have 1-star album in my library?

half-assed number 4

Percussive sound from looptober 2, and new kick/drone/synth thingy. I'll try to develop 2 and 4 into full track

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number 3

Bespoke once again. Simple polyrhithmic techno with 2 against 3 against 5 rhythm. Also tried not to use samples and this time synthesised every sound with stock modules

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Today is the second (at least on my calendar)

Once again messing with Bespoke, but today in more way. Also featuring granulated and chopped xylophone sample from @touk 's looptober

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I guess this might count as my first entry. Not sure there will be more, but we'll see.

I'm slowly getting familiar with Bespoke, and I really enjoy it (beside the fact that it's not really stable). Now I need to understand how to use controllers and break out of the loops to make something track-like.

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