Me: I'd like to turn on leds 0, 5 and 6
Arduino and MUX: ok, lol

I managed to build 9v version of MS-20 filter on the breadboard. It's noisy (of course, so many unshielded wires), but it works! Now I need to add pt2399 delay to it and put everything into a stomp box, to get something like monotron delay.

Ok, I guess this is the last sign that I need to switch from ElementaryOS to something more mainstream. For some reason each KiCad window appears in extra window frame 🤦‍♂️

Fixed myself pretty brutalist looking speaker. I thought it will sound like rubbish, but it turned out to be surprisingly ok

Happy to see that Korg Volca Keys is used as some kind of computer in new Loki series

is there some secret way to stop buying devbords and finally build something?

Really glad I got this hook connectors. They make uploading bootloader to pro micros much easier, even if they already soldered to another board

yay! I soldered together a midi thru box, and not only the magic smoke stayed inside, but it worked right away!

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