@setthemfree I'm not there yet to join the emacs sect :) I just want a regular desktop environment at the moment

Elementary OS stopped responding to keyboard or mouse. I'd really like to love linux, but I just can't

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I love my friends and I love #trip-hop, so when my friends release a trip-hop album, I share it.
Buy the music here:
Visit their website:

It's luminously dark

@MiseryPath maybe you can program the drums with no intention of sounding like a real drums? This might add some industrial spice to your music. But I'm not sure if that's appropriate in your case

@setthemfree I'm pretty new to using linux on a desktop, so I don't have enough of context to appreciate it :) I guess I just need to dive a little deeper and figure out how to configure it myself (same as with everything else on linux)

@flame I've been using it for about a year now, and beside some minor things that I'm too lazy to figure out how to fix (like webcam and bluetooth not working) it works perfectly

@setthemfree probably. I'm getting lost in all these noodles of drivers and services like alsa, pulseaudio and jack. it's much easier to say "linux bad" :)

@flame I have mackbook pro that I use for my work and a laptop with linux/hackintosh that I use for personal stuff. weirdly enough my impression is that hackintosh is much more stable the real mbp

I should get back to using hackintosh and stop torturing myself

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sometimes linux plays 44100Hz music at 48000Hz and I cant figure out why, and it drives me mad

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"But Sierra, how DO you trick AI training algorithms and sabotage surveillance capitalism?"

It's easy! all you need is a pen and paper

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Do you know *european* companies that do calibration of multimeters to *individuals* (not companies) for reasonable prices ? pls rt etc. :3
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New hobby when I'm added to a group message on Instagram promoting some live can service or whatever. I thank them for adding me but state that the service isn't relevant to my interests, then offer them (and the other guests) the chance to visit my bandcamp before leaving.

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My old ethnomusicology prof, who is an incredible sitarist, started a jazz/funk band a couple years ago

highly recommended if you're into snarky puppy -esque stuff



@luka jokes aside, I still don't really get FM. I mean, I do understand the principles, but I don't "feel" the sound, and get lost when it comes to programming patches

@luka that's actually what I'm usually doing in the evenings :) the only thing is, I'm currently soldering FM synth

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