Hey, it's again! I've decided that I'll try to add cool local Ukrainian artists to my music mondays.

This time it'll be stonefromthesky who makes various music, from idm to stoner rock. You can find him on bandcamp (or on the streaming services) iamstonefromthesky.bandcamp.co

And here are some albums I've been listening to:

III by Föllakzoid

Wraith by Teeth Of The Sea

Natural History by Blu Mar Ten

@mxtthxw open camera has a blue icon... also sometimes you can change icons on your android, but that depends on the launcher you use

@lewlepton oh, I didn't realize that it's from the guys who made TouchOSC. Cool

@lewlepton checked it, thanks, it's just what I needed. also works on linux without any problems

@lewlepton oh wow, it looks just like something I need, thanks

@ma_ho thanks, looks promising. gonna check it tomorrow

Just stripped an old chinese midi cable to use with arduino. Now I need to remember that shield is red, vcc is white and data is black...

Ok, linux musicians crowd, I need an advice. Is there some tool to monitor MIDI messages? On Mac OS there's a MIDI Monitor app, I wonder if there's something similar on linux?

@touk fyi, there's a great youtube client for android called newpipe. it lets you play sound in background, watch videos in a floating window and it does not show ads

@mxtthxw I use firefox + several addons. I'm not sure it's perfect, but then again, how do you measure privacy in browsers?

@lewlepton @dried I also remember @estebanm was making musicmondays posts before, but he was posting about music theory and giving some examples, which was also really cool.

@lewlepton just checked Alkerdeel. Nice, I like this kind of black metal 🤘

@luka I don't do a lot of audio stuff in linux, but wanted to say that I recently switched from Elementary to PopOS, and I find it a little more open and comfortable. Elementary tries to maintain its own ecosystem and sometimes it feels really limiting.

starting to think that it'd be easier to make it work on two separate arduinos, than bothering with mux and sound engine on one

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anyway, lo-fi drum machine is slowly taking shape, and I like it

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Me: I'd like to turn on leds 0, 5 and 6
Arduino and MUX: ok, lol

@lewlepton I've checked them after one of your recommendations, and I could not agree more. They are really cool

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