Added some details and recorded 7 min video of this generative stuff. I can share a patch if somebody is interested

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was noodling with bespoke again, and accidentally created "lo-fi generative idm to study to"

@sprkwd sounds cool! just subscribed to your subreddit :) of course lemmy doesn't have as much audience as reddit, but lets see how it evolves

@sprkwd It's just a collection of links for now, but feel free to join and add whatever you feel relevant

@sprkwd yeah, and I'm from Ukraine :)

Actually I started a sublemmy about DIY music gear a while ago, but it's not very active, and I don't put much effort to maintain it

@sprkwd I'd definitely visit makerspace like this, but I guess we are in a different cities

@sprkwd cool, thanks. didn't listen to them in quite some time. I guess it will be my soundtrack for today

self promotion, music, bandcamp link 

@richard I'm halfway into first track and I already love it!

@groschi yeah, minus all the crypto bs. nice to see that it's on the bandcamp

But track comes together really nicely. Really looking forward to finish and release it

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I had to resize properties window to make it visible 🤦‍♂️

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