@liaizon I thought that it looks a loot like a makerphone from a few years ago. Turns out it is just a new and renamed version kickstarter.com/projects/alber

Also I find it funny that show is called Hanging out with Audiophiles, and Four Tet has really lofi approach to his sound

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Finally listened to this interview with Four Tet and I really enjoyed it. I really like how open he is, and how he's not bothering about quality of production, but focuses on the feeling to be right.

@touk I gave this a little more thought. I still feel old.

@touk I feel old, but this statement doesnt seem to be true..

what logs should I look at to find out what's happening?

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ok, I have a serious WTF moment. I just found out that wine is not installed, but I used it just a few hours ago. I don't have any backup system on this installation, so it's not like I've accidentially rolled back to some point where nothing is configured (this shit happened on my server, not on this laptop)

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seems like today is a bad day for me and computers. for some reason after reboot the system turned out to be on generic kernel instead of lowlatency. wtf is happening?

Ok, that's not funny, my linux audio journey continues with broken jack and dissipated cadence

@narF That's a course from google for all the media websites. If your site supports AMP (basically special markup that can be parsed by google) then they'll put your website higher in the search results. As commercial media websites fight for any opportunity to get some traffic, they are forced to play by googles rules

Asking for sound device advice 

@wonderland I have one super cheap 8 mono/4 stereo channel mixer, similar to the one in the link. It's cool for portable lofi jams, but I wouldn't use it for something where you need good quality sound aliexpress.com/item/3305609759

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