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Is there any /normal/ file system that is supported in mac os and linux? or should I just break the disk into lots of exfats that I can delete in case want to install anything else?

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so... exfat partitions don't support resizing? that's not the kind of news I wanted to find when I decided to install another OS...

Is there a way to use libpd in ? have anybody tried doing something like this?

@PureData @godot

turns out the issue was with flatpack version of godot, and not the configs. the version from official website works just fine.

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Trying to figure out how to export for android from 3.3 on linux. Seems like it might take all day

I decided to upload a track of our band to soundcloud. Damn I'm missing making music as a part of the band. Can't wait until virus shit is over and we'll be able to get together and play again

I've spent most of the evening playing MGS, and I cleared only 2 locations. Games used to be hard

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I never had 1st playstation. What cool games did I miss?

The only thing left is to fix a few bugs on and I'm done with this prototype

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as a responsible developer I've released a first day patch 😅
- fixed jump bug
- fixed low dpi window bar on retina macs
- removed 37 from crates (cc @estebanm)

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I haven't been able to test windows version yet, so please let me know if there are some problems with it

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Yesterday I finished making the prototype of my first video game. I'm not sure it'll ever become something more than just a prototype, but it was a fun experience, and I'll definitely make more games in the future.
I plan to upload it to twitch tonight

(yet another moment when I regret getting laptop with hidpi screen)

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Is there a way to make look ok on hidpi screen on linux? For some reason not all UI elements scale up properly

Happy to see that Korg Volca Keys is used as some kind of computer in new Loki series

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