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Me: I'd like to turn on leds 0, 5 and 6
Arduino and MUX: ok, lol

Almost forgot that it's today.
Here are some albums to check out:

Змістовно Різні by iamyou

Storytelling #1 - Reminiscences Of Inner Scenery by Lemna

Split by Shapes and Melfi

I was about to start complaining about Pop OS, but I've figured everything out.
Note to self: Don't trust ExFat on Linux. If something is not working and you have ExFat volume, there is a big chance that it is causing the problem.

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is there a way to run on linux with hidpi display without breaking the eyes? adjusting the font partly helps, but all the handles and ui elements remain tiny...

cc @PureData

It's today! Here's some stuff to listen to:

Hearts Broken, Heads Turned
by Jarlath Henderson

Mr. Machine by Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble

mishinuki – Thriving Children (not a lot of information about them on the internet, and unfortunately no bandcamp link, but I really liked this album)

ah, ok, just forgot to remove newly formatted disk from fstab

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seems like installing pop os on a separate drive somehow messed up elementary os 🤦‍♂️
but hackintosh mac os works fine...

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Installed Pop OS. Let's see how soon I'll start complaining and will want to switch distro

I'm glad that I have a laptop that I can disassemble at home with only one screwdriver

I'll post a demo later when I'll sort out the noise

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I managed to build 9v version of MS-20 filter on the breadboard. It's noisy (of course, so many unshielded wires), but it works! Now I need to add pt2399 delay to it and put everything into a stomp box, to get something like monotron delay.

Ok, I guess this is the last sign that I need to switch from ElementaryOS to something more mainstream. For some reason each KiCad window appears in extra window frame 🤦‍♂️

thinking about shoving a raspberry pi inside and turning it into a "smart speaker", lol

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