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Some activists demand from Pitchfork, RA and Berghein to acknowledge that artist Vatican Shadow is linked to fascists. Petition antifascistmusicalliance.wpcom

finally got some time to play mindustry. damn, thats a cool and addictive game

far-right shitheads trashed a bar in Kyiv accusing it of drug dealing 🤦‍♂️

Once again I'm at a point in time when I want to buy some music gear. How do I convince myself that I don't need another monosynth?

I'm giving pixelfed another try, and it still feels weird.

I don't understand how federation works there. I can find accounts from different instances and even separate posts from mastodon, but new posts don't appear in my feed if I follow them, is this normal?

Also was trying to find some interesting accounts using public feed, but it seems to be really slow, and not a lot of stuff caught my eye.

btw, my account is @sitka, I plan to post music and gear related pics and videos there

Progress of reviving laptop from 2007:
✅ Upgrade RAM to 4 gigs
✅ Upgrade to 64bit CPU (which costed $3 delivered)
✅ Install SSD as main disk
✅ Get rid of CD-ROM and install another HDD instead
✅ Install Linux (installed PopOS now, but might switch to something more lightweight)
🔲 Replace battery

Didn't test it a lot yet, but at first glance it seems to work nicely. It struggles to play youtube at 1080 (720 plays ok), but it doesn't matter as the screen is not HD, lol

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Telegram started putting ads inside channels :ablobonfire:

ok, to be fair, i understand that PW is quite new and still has rough edges

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and this happens at the point when I thought that I get audio on linux and even kinda like it...

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switched to pipewire. still a little bit confused as to how to control it, but it seems to be stable for now

It's a first time I hear about "calm technology" but it sounds like as a UI designer I should investigate this topic more and try to adopt at least some of the principles

Was looking for a way to download Resident Advisors Sote podcast episode (since they don't have this option on their website). Found a list of direct links to some of their podcasts

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