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half-assed number 4

Percussive sound from looptober 2, and new kick/drone/synth thingy. I'll try to develop 2 and 4 into full track

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where can I find VST version of Carla? I have LV2 in /usr/lib/lv2 but can't find VST in ~/.vst or /usr/lib/lxvst. Are there some other places to check?

number 3

Bespoke once again. Simple polyrhithmic techno with 2 against 3 against 5 rhythm. Also tried not to use samples and this time synthesised every sound with stock modules

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Today is the second (at least on my calendar)

Once again messing with Bespoke, but today in more way. Also featuring granulated and chopped xylophone sample from @touk 's looptober

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I guess this might count as my first entry. Not sure there will be more, but we'll see.

I'm slowly getting familiar with Bespoke, and I really enjoy it (beside the fact that it's not really stable). Now I need to understand how to use controllers and break out of the loops to make something track-like.

Did somebody try this Bespoke synth/DAW on linux? It looks really fun, but for me it's really unstable. Sometimes it crashes without saying a word, sometimes UI starts delaying everything I try to do.

What's your experience with it?

cc @musicians

here it is. my friend gave me a short sketch a few month ago. it took some time and a few back and forth and here it is, dreamy garage-y electronic track that we produced together

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Today I'll share a track I've been working on together with a friend. Just a little later

ah, damn, it's core duo, not core 2 duo. that's why 64-bit distros failed to launch

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trying to revive hp laptop from 2007. everything was so different back then

I mean by the end of the day I usually don't have enough resource to do something more complex than fall on the couch and push few buttons on a gamepad

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I've been so busy with my dayjob recently, that I'm afraid I won't be able to join looptober, and probably even noisevember :ohgod_ohfuck:

pineteme finally has an alarm. lets see if it will wake me up tomorrow.

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